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Planning - Stage 1

Design Note Consultants supply complete services that you require during the entire course of your Building project.

Free Initial Consultation

The hour long visit will include site appraisal, photos, Discussion of your project requirements, Building project feasibility, alternative solutions to proposals, discussion of Planning and Building Regulation Issues that affect the proposals and approximate build costs. We then provide you with a feasibility report and a quotation by email.

Measured Surveys

Building projects that involve Home extensions, Home renovations and Loft conversions will require a full measured survey of the existing property and surrounding site. Then we will produce a set of accurate survey drawings using Computer aided Design software, which will include plans, elevations and a cross section. These drawings will provide the basis for the design project.


Preliminary Design Drawings

The outline sketch proposals and alternative sketch proposals,3D interior/exterior perspective drawings using Computer aided Design software, approximate construction cost estimates.


Planning Drawings

Our Planning drawings service will include investigating your Local authorities planning guidelines: Which includes producing existing and proposed plans and elevations, site layout, cross sections, schedules, outline specification, location plan. Obtaining and filling out planning application forms on your behalf. Liaising with your local authority and keeping you informed of any feedback. With these set of drawings you will be able to:

  • Make a Planning application submission

  • Make a Permitted Development application

Building Regulations - Stage 2

Building Regulations


Once you have planning permission its time to begin preparing detail design drawings. These drawings are very detailed and provide enough information to build your intended project; you get a full set of Building regulation drawings which include proposed plans, elevations, cross sections, details, full specification detailing construction methods, workmanship and quality of materials. With these set of drawings you will be able to:


  • Make a Building regulations application

  • Get accurate quotes from builders

  • Get accurate quantities from material suppliers


Structural Calculations prepared from your drawings.....

We will need:

A set of your building regulations drawings which can be sent in the following formats DWG, DXF, PDF to or Paper copy by post.

Your building regulation application number this is so that we can submit your calculations to building control directly saving you the hassle. We will also make any additional amendments requested by building control to approve our steel design.

Construction  - Stage 03

Tendering Services


We can also help with the tendering stage with our Scope of Works specifications, detailed pricing services, DIY Tendering
packs, contracts and drawing duplication.

On Site Services

We are always at hand to carry out various on-site operations such as inspections, meetings, project management, snagging, hand-overs, defects and completion.

Builders Pack

We will provide additional information required by your builder to enable the project to be costed properly and documents that you will require when the building work is started.


Other services

We can provide a number of optional services such as:

  • landscaping designs

  • interior design

  • energy calculations